21/12 2022

Karismas puppies arrived. 1 male and 3 bitches. All spoken for.


Puppies expected, see planned puppies for more information.


Karisma have attended a polar dog club show in Denmark and got her danish championtitle.

16/10 2021 Some updates all around the site


I Hope Corona pandemie will leave us soon


Karisma has been mated this week. See more under planned puppies.


Claire went all the way to best of breed at the annual breed specialty in Furudal under judge Arvid Göransson, shown by Wilma Måsan.

She also got her first approved working test dp60 with musher isabell karlsson Rydell. At the same time Karisma got her second approved test.


Claire is developing nicely and has done nice results at puppy shows.

Five times shown, all winning best puppy in breed. One group 2, one bis-4 puppy and one bis-2 puppy.

Karisma has been with Isabell and her Marchmallow sledteam since end of September training for the upcoming sledding season.

Started in at the national dryland championships in middle of October and managed to win the bronze medal!

Her brother Krutis stayed with me the last month while his owner moved and got settled. Tried him in harness and the dog scooter and he was really doing great.

I have also done exams on new breeds, so happy that I passed both german spitz middle and pomeranian.


all puppies have moved to their new homes except Swedsam’s Love is in the Air ”Claire” our keeper.


Bexy gave birth to 5 puppies on April 29, 3 boys and 2 Girls.

Bexy is expecting puppies early in May.


puppy plans for spring 2018. Ch. Cabaka’s Sweet Dreams aka Bexy will hopefully have puppies this spring. More information will follow soon.


Today we celebrate Bexy (Cabaka’s Sweet Dreams) on her 6th birthday. 💝.

Her daughter Karisma has done some good show results once more. At Sydskånska kennel club puppy show she won Best in show in the class 12-15 months.. breed judge: Gitte Finnich Pedersen, bis-judge: Maritha Östlund-Holmsten


It’s been a while. Karisma has started her show career at Bremen IDS, from junior class she won BOS. In Ronneby IDS she got the whole way to BOB. Her brother Kaliber was second best male.
Now she is out of coat but we will show at our Specialty in Visseltofta anyway. Breed specialist Annica Uppström is judging. Actually I entered all Three Girls.


Time flies and in my part of Sweden spring is here and with that wonderful dirty puppies. Here Kaliber aka Scott at his best.


So far five little puppies have moved. Sunday the remaining two. Little Sw. Karisma of Akasha will stay here, Kaliber aka Scott will live with Kerstin and Sonny on breeding terms.
They have now taken place under Our Dogs.


Soon time for this sweet girl and her litter sisters and brothers to leave.
I managed to get the litter in under Bred litters at last. Not really to the best but anyway.


Puppies getting bigger, already 5 weeks old. All now spoken for to what seems really good homes.

A girl will stay here and I’m also keeping a male but he will live with a friend.

I am at the moment quite upset with the WordPress as it doesnt work with tables. That’s why the new litter still isn’t on the website. But I wont give up, it worked with the previous litter so in one way or the other I will defeat the problem.


A few days early Bexy’s puppies arrived on thirsday 13 october. All went as by the book and there are five boys and four girls. They all seem to be healthy and fine. One male is still available.


So happy, Sw. Just to See You Smile x-rayed and cleared. And her mum Bexy is soon having her new litter, just 1,5 week to go!

I have also got ok to start education on some new spitz breeds.


Happy to see that another x-ray result on Swedsam’s I Am a Marionette. Congrats to the owners and thanks for checking!


After a long journey to Bad Honnef in Germany we hope for Bexy-puppies around 18th of October.


IDS and NDS in Bremen 30-31/7 was quite successful. Bexy gained her DCNH-titel winning BOB under Gabriela Richard. Sw. Icebreeze (Brillan) got her first two vdh-cac. Sw. Fahrenheit got vdh-cac the second day, the Estonian judge the first day didnt like him at all.


BPH (behaviour-personality description) with Bexy and Brillan made today.


Bexy is now also VDH-champion after gaining her 4 and 5 VDH-CAC in Dortmund.
I have also finished my education for lapponian herder and is now authorized to judge the breed.


Sw. I believe I can fly aka Sessan has had hips, elbowes and eyes examined. Congrats to Pernilla and family to nice results.


Had some wonderful news from Furudal and the Samoyed specialty show today. 80 entries under judge Robert Sellevik from Norway.

PDP SE CH Swedsam’s Fahrenheit aka Minus won Best of Breed, best opposite his daughter Plogens Keep her Pleezed.

So proud of Minus and of course his handler/owner Cecilia Gunnvall.



Sw. Icebreeze has had hips, elbows and eyes examined and all cleared.


On November 12 Mixtra left us after a life in full speed ahead. Highly missed but she had a great last day with a long walk in the forrest where she was allowed to run free surrounded by me, Linnéa and Oscar.

Today it is Bexy´s 4th birthday (Ch. Cabaka’s Sweet Dreams). She spends the day watching a Christmas film where there is a litter of Pyrenean Mountain dogs.


Unfortunately one of the babies got ill and had to be put down. It is alwas terrible to say goodbye to a dog but extremely hard when it is just in it’s beginning of life. But dog world is not always a dance on roses. Sooner or later we all are exposed to one or more bad things.
The other two are doing just fine, today they are 7 weeks old and are soon leaving for their new longing, loving families.

New photos of them in the Photo gallery


Breeze went with Cissy & Co to Rostock on Oct 4. She won VDH junior CAC and DCNH junior CAC again and also Jugent sieger Rostock.

Minus got another VDH CAC  and Hallon belonging to our friend Anneli BOB ang BOG-1!


Minus’ and Bexys puppies were born, two boys and one girl. All three probably spoken for. Will know more around Oct 22.


The kennel has got a new show champion today. Big congrats to Beatrice Palm and her 11 years old Swedsam’s Xeptionella Stella who won her qualifying CAC today in Eslöv. (She may be old but has only been shown 14 times in total through the years)


So happy that Sw. Highway to Hell has had hips and eyes examined. Hips: A, eyes: clear. Thanks Linn for having it done.

Also happy that Bexy shows signs of being pregnant!


Last weekend I went to Bremen in Germany for a double show with Bexy and Breeze. The first day Breeze was second in junior with reserv junior CAC. Bexy was best bitch and won the cacib that will qualify her to the CIB title! The next day Breeze won junior with Junior VDH CAC. Bexy was again best bitch and BOB.  


Today we had a successful mating between Swedsam’s  Fahrenheit and Cabaka’s Sweet Dreams (Minus x Bexy).

If everything works out as hoped we will have puppies around September 23rd.


Yearerday I got a letter from the Swedish kennelclub.  I was informed that they have decided to award me the honourable Hamilton plaque. It will be given in October at the Kennel council that is held every other year.

”to a person / persons through successful work benefited dog breeds and thus promoted the Swedish Kennel Club’s purposes in an obvious way.”

It makes me really proud and happy and also  in the same year my prefix celebrates 30 years.

Yesterday was also Sw. Walk on Top, Mixtra’s 12th birthday. The happy crazy girl that always makes you smile!


Summer, well at least waiting for it.

Breeze (Sw. Icebreeze) has now made her first start in juniorclass with nice results. In Drammen in Norway she got CQ and reserv CAC under respected judge Diane Andersen.

Only a few shows planned this summer/autumn as we hope to have Bexy-babies. Still waiting for her to get into season though.


I am now also authorized for Swedish lapphund and Welsh Corgi Pembrokes.


Both Minus and Bexy have had their eyes examined and cleared so now we await Bexy coming into season. Approx. July.

The year started up quite nice.

I did’nt go to the annual Samoyed week in Furudal but the Swedsam’s did quite well anyway.

PDP SE UCH Swedsam’s Fahrenheit with owner Cissy Gunnvall was awarded male showdog of the year 2014

PDP Swedsam’s Hippy Hippy Shake (Flicka) made together with owner Walter Seeh and the other dogs in the team some good runs in the races. They won bronze medal in the nordic championships and also approved test in the DP 60 and they all got the title PDP.

Swedsam’s Fabregas was competing in a team with musher Alexander. He did some good races with the team with all males but unfortunately not quite made the times for approved sledtests.

However: since he came home he has made the approved test for ”visitors dog” and has now a good job working with owner Elin von Wovern. They really makes me proud all of them!

In february a friend brought Bexy to Bö in Norway where she ended up 3rd  best bitch with norwegian cac and that makes her SEuch DKuch NOuch Nordic champion.


At the last show of the year Stockholm hundmässa, 10 year old dkrlch pdp rldn rldf rlda rldm Swedsam’s Xeptionella Stella ended up third best bitch with CAC in big competition under judge Göran Bodegård. She also won the Swedish veteran winner title.

Stella with owner Beatrice Palm was there mostly to compete in Rally and entered to the show most for fun.