About us


A short presentation of me, my family and  the kennel will follow

I am Christina Bjerstedt-Ohlsson and I live with my husband Nils-Erik at the farm Hagedal outside Önnestad approx. 12 km west of Kristianstad in Northern Scania.

Our three Children have all left home.
Oscar lives nearby,  and his  twin brother Philip  lives in Kristianstad.
Our daughter Linnéa lives in Önnestad with her son Neo and daughter Tea.

My husband runs a farm with dairy cows,  growing sugarbeets etc. His parents always had a Dachshound when he grew up, and four years ago Nils-Erik got his own dachsie, Howdy.

The Kennel was certified by FCI  in 1985 when also our first litter was born.

My first Samoyed came to me in 1979 after a couple of years of waiting. She was namned Darvas White Laijka and became a Swedish CH.
Unfortunaltely she got a tumour in her stomach that burst and she died just before 3 years of age..

After that I imported a bitch from England, CH. Golway Mary Rose who became my foundation bitch.

Photos of these dogs you’ll find under the Champions page.

I have done a lot of different things with my dogs apart from dog shows. Tracking, agility etc. But nowadays it is mostly sledding in the winter time and wheel-charting during the rest of the year
Due to ache I havent competed in any runs the last few years, but hopefully I will be able to get back in the tracks.
All my dogs, old enough to do, have all passed the Samoyed Club’s official working test.

In 2011 I passed the Swedish Kennel Club’s education for confirmation judges and was certified for Samoyeds and Siberian Huskies that year, the year after also for Greenland Dogs and Alaskan Malamutes.
I keep on to educate on new breeds that interest me, you can find my updated Breed list and Education list on the page FCI Judge.